Whenever Chris Bingley looks at his daughter, Emily, memories of his wife flood back. The loving wife and Emily’s mother is dead by her own hand after her pleas for help went unheeded by doctors and therapists at her local hospital.

New mum: But Joanne delight at Emily's birth soon turned to despair as she struggled to get her to feed
Joe with her newborn baby, Emily.
Mothers should be given an option to express milk or administer formula milk if they cannot produce enough for their babies.

The British NHS has come under fire for not taking into consideration the needs of mothers who are suffering from post-natal depression. Accusations of negligence and general lack of concern abound.

There is great emphasis placed on breastfeeding for young infants. It is better to breastfeed than give formula milk to young ones. This kind of emphasis leads to mothers who cannot breastfeed adequately feeling like they are not good enough to be mothers.

Single father: Chris Bingley, pictured with daughter Emily, lost his home paying out half a million pounds in his fight for answers into his wife's death
Cris Bingley with daughter Emily. He lost all he had in the search for answers to his wife’s death.

Despite there being guidelines on how to go about the issue of breastfeeding and handling of cases of post-natal depression, many mothers suffer due to lack of diagnosis and failure of health workers to attack importance to the problem. In Joe’s case, her GP and doctors at her hospital ignored obvious signs that she was suffering from Post-natal depression. He assessor failed to ask questions that are relevant to identifying the possibility of developing Post-natal depression and now she is dead.

Tragic: In the weeks leading up to her death, Joe had pleaded for help from her GP, health visitors and even the mental health crisis team to whom who had been referred
Joe Bingley in earlier happy days

There is a significant probability of women developing post-natal depression if they had a miscarriage such as in Joe’s case. Other factors contribute to the development of this type of depression but health workers are prone to ignore them. There is a claim that healthcare workers view guidelines as just guidelines but they do not have to be followed.

Bride and groom: Chris and Jo pictured on their wedding day in Cyprus in 2005
Chris and Joe Bingley at their 2005 Cyprus wedding

In the aftermath of her death, Joe’s husband has dedicated his time and resources to raising their child, and fighting for other women so that they do not also suffer the fate of his wife. Frequent contact between him and the NHS is ensuring that. Hopefully, a plan that has been devised and is being implemented due to these frequent consultations will help reduce the problem of post-natal depression before it spreads further.

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