The Basketball Wheelchair Charity for cancer event turned out to be a big controversy for the designer and rap singer Kanye West. At first children were very excited and happy to play with one of their favorite known artists but it seems like the handicapped children in wheelchairs turned their faces into a frown for what they experienced.

The game was intended to cover the erupted issue during his concert in Sydney. At his concert, he insisted disabled fans to stand up. The most humiliating part was, he didn’t want to apologize about what he did. He even told the audience that it was the longest he have had to wait to do a song because he waited for the audience to rise.


Well, the scenario from the charity basketball game made it worst. as he scored 106 points over the wheelchaired children whose score was 12 points. Unbelievable! The agreement of both teams were supposed to be playing in wheelchairs but Kanye’s side insisted and wanted to play the normal way. The rap singer reasoned, “Why use a chair, when I can use my legs?”.

One of the kids disappointedly reported that they only got shorter basketball hoops but it looks like Kanye enjoyed the game and kept on dunking over them and some of the players started crying. Then the parents started to worry and took their children out of the game. Kanye began yelling, “Quitters!” then laughed afterwards.

Kanye West explained happily at the end of the game that he set to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record of points and that’s what he just did.

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