It’s Superman! Not a bird! Not a plane! No Not Superman, It is the ‘Ohio State Marching Band’!


Ohio State Marching Band did it again in the 25th anniversary celebration of the Michael Jackson’s album Bad release. They moon walked into everyone’s hearts and awestruck everyone with the structures they have made. This time they have performed the miraculous act during the halftime show of the Ohio State-Penn state football game.

Ohio State Marching Band has earned the name in the spectacular structures they made. There show is no match with any other band in the country.

The new theme of Ohio State Marching Band was Hollywood Blockbusters and they have fulfilled the audience expectation of this theme.

Ohio State Marching Band Superman formation

During their performance, audience enjoyed different ‘Man of steel’. Ohio State Marching band divided into two groups: one of which formed a leaning building while other performed figure of completed superman with cape, which looked amazing when it flew across the field to pull over the falling building. This tribute to Superman with the formation of the Superman logo was just great.

Ohio State Marching Band forming T-Rex

Ohio State Marching Band also performed T-Rex formation and paid tribute to the Jurassic Park movie which was released in 1993 but loved by everyone to this date. It was T-Rex ferocious jaws munching which was performed down the field.

Ohio State Marching BandHarry Potter playing Quidditch

They also rolled in other stories like Harry Potter movie – with the wizard flying over magical broomstick and playing Quidditch.


They also surprised the audience with the formation of Buccaneers from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Perfection is what just regarded them and members of ‘Ohio State Marching Band’ should be glad for the total respect they have earned with their tremendous, spectacular work.  They are renowned as ‘The Best Damn Band in the Land’, and they prove always why they have achieved this title.

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