Scandalized by the foul words that a drunk man had been calling a group of women, an old graying man engaged the man in a fist fight and knocked him out.
old manThe incident happened on a beach when a man under the influence of liquor started to harass a group of women by foul-mouthing them. Afraid that the drunk would harm them, the women just hold their tongue and tried to ignore the man.

Everyone was surprised when an old man with graying hair angrily engaged the drunk in a fist fight. It turned out that the old man heard the tirade and he was insulted and angered by the way the inebriated man called the women bad names.

A commotion occurred with the women running on the sand and shouting to the two men to stop fighting but the old man wanted to teach the young man a lesson. Some of the women were worried about the old man, considering that the drunk was younger than him.

Several women tried to break the fight but the two men were getting into a warrior’s mood. As fists hit upon flesh, the women moved to the side and cheered the old man who has turned into their superhero.

Amidst the cheers, the sand, and the flying punches, everything happened fast and when things cleared, the women’s superhero was standing over the fallen drunk, lying down on the sand. Another round f applause broke the silence on the beach where the fight took place.

The old man stood proud and forever a gentleman as the women he defended thanked and congratulated him. Embarrassed to be knocked out by a man who will soon be an octogenarian, the man silently backed out and moved away. The old man ended up with several grateful ladies in his arms who now worship him as a hero.

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