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One Direction member reacted to a father and mother who thought that the lyrics of one of their songs is highly suggestive.

It was reported that a couple forcefully removed their two kids from a choir when they found out that one of the songs that they will sing was One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young.” Not contented with stopping their kids from performing, the couple wrote a letter to the head of the school, demanding the song to be banned in school.

A One Direction member retaliated and stated that it was the parents’ mind that was suggestive, not the lyrics of their song. Fns of the singing group took their side and it seems that to the young people’s mind, there was nothing dirty or suggestive about the song.

Actually, the meaning of songs depends on the listeners’ interpretation. For the older generation, the language can be offensive but for the younger set, the song could have a different meaning. To the singing group’s fans, the lyrics is just a celebration of youth and the exciting and fun things that young people love to do and to experience.

In fact, there are even older people who did not find the lines of the song as something that can corrupt the minds of young people. In his tweet, one member of the singing band lambasted the parents for the way they treated their children and aired their sick interpretation of their song.

One Direction is a popular singing group especially among young people. Their songs are loved by millions of young people all over the world.

Fans of the singing group promised their continuous support despite the controversy and nothing can prevent them from liking the group’s songs, not even parents physically removing their children from a choir’s performance.

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