Owen Jones talks about Benefit Street’s miserable programme that had aired few time back showing how these people show little concern for people’s well-being. Some of the disingenuous TV executives encash this showing such columns as a sign of “debate”. But Owen, enters into the debate about how the media can get away with this.


Owen says how Benefits Street television producers make use of some unemployed people on the streets of Birmingham and showcase them in an evil light and completely portraying them as feckless scroungers. Some of the people used on the show to earn some moolah were misled by telling them that they are featured into a show of community spirit. . “They have edited everything to suit their own needs – taken a positive and turned it into a negative,” says Dee Roberts, a support worker who featured in Benefits Street.

The responsible company for this has been ironically titled as Love Productions whose sensationalist programme had created a wave of hate. This had led to some cascading effect with social media showing furors over the people of the show and even demanded them to be shot, hanged or gassed. Twitter users were even ready to assault the participants if they saw them.  However, the true villains turned out to be the true heroes receiving some handclaps and the TV executives earning names for themselves even though putting the communities against each other.

Owens further says that how people are actually ill-informed about such things and how wrongs things are portrayed in a much articulate way making them seem to be the best truth. He even says about how the culture of redirecting blame has perpetuated within ideologically driven newspapers. This poison needs to be stopped and people should be asked to open their eyes on things that are rather genuine and concrete instead off the wrongly portrayed facts.

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