Arielle, 18, when she came home she started her search for ‘Easter egg hunt’, that is what she calls it. Actually this hunt wasn’t the hunt for candy but she was looking for OxyContin bottles that her cousin has bought home. She said that her all friends are already addicted.

Her best friend has recently passed away; it was a year before when her friend had started to have prescription painkillers and then turned into taking illegal drugs.

It is not only the story of Arielle but most of the Americans have same story.

She said that prescribed pills are $60 to 80$ per pill and heroin per bag only costs $10. Last year, she has been caught breaking in to a house because she needed money for her addiction.

In the Suffolk Country, a place where Arielle lives, between 1996 and 2011 people ended up in heroin were 425 percent; and the recent report showed that this number has been increased up to 1,136 percent. Long Island is an area where heroin addiction is reaching its peak.

Some painkillers are like cousin to heroin; but as doctors prescribed them, they are legal. Takers of opioids painkillers are becoming heroin addict as they are available at lower rates.

A study by Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality reported that about 4 out of 5 people who are prescribed with painkillers started to take heroin afterwards.  This study was conducted in 2013.

Formerly opioid painkillers, hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine, has been used for the treatment of pain in cancer and other severe injuries.
Things changed when OxyContin, drug by Purdue Pharma, came into market. This drug has long lasting effects. Because of many reasons given by pharma company, physicians start to prescribe this drug to patients and this is highly addictive drug.


Purdue and its top three executives were found guilty for misguiding physicians and patients. Company paid the fine of $600 million.
In again 2010, Purdue developed a new version of the same drug; it is made to stiffer to crush and inject. However FDA has banned original OxyContic and any drug of the same type.

In 2010, it was reported that 40% death occurred by drug overdose were women; they are addictive to the prescribed pills.


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