tn_dgbdfWe have heard different types paintings names and see different types of painting around the world. Many loves different types of painting. Painting for their own body, painting of their clothing, painting of their mouth, painting of their house furniture, painting of their daily necessities, painting of their car, painting of their guns and other necessary items are the common issues in the world. People are fond of colors because it is the creation of god. By birth people learn to love the nature as well as the beauty of anything of the world. Beauty always charmed he people. The aristocratic people will always be more happy than the common people. Actually beauty and color are the most important issues in the human mind as well as the world.

There are different types of color module in the world. Some are called plain color, some are called dotted color, some one are called zig zag color, some are called mixed color, some are called herkin color, etc. Among them in the present time people like water color most. Water color is really different from others and it looks awesome. That’s why people always run after water color. On the other hand transparent color printing had added a new dimension in the world of color. In the so called time people of all classes like this color very much. Now they don’t want other color rather than the water transparent color. It makes an awesome effect of the surface. It may color in most of the coloring surface. I personally like and love water transferring color very much. It is called water transfer printing because it is printed in a pot full of water. You can not imagine how fine the water color the materials. When you will finish watching the video you will be surprised of the water effect.

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