Who doesn’t want good kids?

A thin line separates real parents and those who do not have the vision to bring up their children in a manner that will provide them with skills to face the world. Good parenting incorporates teachings that enable the child learn about independence and responsibility while instilling the principles of hard work in them. Academic success for their children is the priority of most parents but then, these academically excellent children could end up as quite useless people in society.

The Thompson family photo. Or Photoshop, since they haven’t all been in the same place since 1998. Courtesy of Francis Thompson

One family in the United States, the Thompsons, taught their children to be independent and to work towards attaining their goals. With a brood of 12 children, the parents rate as quite successful parents. Their secret of success in parenting is one of dedication and patience. A steel heart also helps since they advocate for letting children handle the consequences of their actions. The family is headed by an engineer who has several feats under his belt. They did not let money get to the heads of their children. While providing for them adequately, the Thompsons did not pamper their children as most of us are likely to do.

Having children help with household chores and other duties such as cleaning their own bedrooms teaches them that personal and collective responsibility. Play and meals is a conflict zone in many families and these are addressed by the Thompsons too. They had time allocated for study and for play. Playthings are advised to be kept in specific rooms but not spread all over the house. When it comes to meals, they taught their children how to prepare food using recipes and to eat the food that they are given.

Other parenting tricks offered are that taking holidays together is good to teach children independence including taking trips alone.

Do not hand them the car keys. Buy an old car and let them restore it themselves

The overall idea of parenting is being there for the children when it is necessary and showing them how to cope with the world and life away from parents. It is better to be a good parent than be a friend who spoils the young ones.

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