The parents from the state of Florida are seeking for the hope of curing the kid’s sickness through the new marijuana strain. Charlotte’s Web is said to be the new specialized marijuana strain that could possible cure someone who is suffering from epileptic episodes and the parents of Florida are hoping that the lawmakers of the said state would legalize its usage soon.

After the Florida lawmakers considered the legalization of the utilization of marijuana to control seizures of children suffering from extreme epilepsy and other similar or related illness, their decision generally received positive feedback from the parents of these kids. At the moment, Charlotte’s Web which is said to not cause an addicting and high feeling to its users, is only legal in Colorado. That is why Paige Figi who has a 7 year old daughter, can’t leave the state of Coloroda for the main reason that her daughter can only avail this treatment in the mentioned state. Charlotte’s Web has greatly contributed to the controlling of the seizures that Mrs. Figi’s daughter manifest from hundreds a month, which is now reduced to once or twice a month. It was indeed effective for the daughter as compared to other medicines and therapy that they tried.

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Unlike the usual recreational marijuana that is used, Charlotte’s Web does cause a psychoactive high that makes marijuana intake very addicting. The term Charlotte’s Web is actually derived from Charlotte Figi whose parents as mentioned above made efforts to prove the positive effect of the medical marijuana strain to their child with the help of professionals and physicians.

Florida legislators decided that the use of Charlotte’s Web is different from the issue of making medical use of marijuana legal and therefore they invited parents to stand witness and testify about the positive effects and benefits of the said strains.

Hopefully, the legalization will be finalized the soonest. As one lawmaker said: It is not substance abuse but using substances wisely.

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