article-2518156-19D7E08000000578-512_634x363A great surprising news has come out after about nine years. In 2004 a military couple has presented a weeding diamond ring cost $9,000 by someone. They had received the gift but they didn’t know the giver of the present. But after a long period of time they have come to know that the giver was the famous actor Paul Walker. Now this gift has become more valuable to them. Now come to the main story. In 2004, Soldier Kyle Upham and his new wife Kristen were in a Santa Barbara jewellery store. They were looking for a diamond ring.


It was the before of he was directed on his second positioning back to Iraq. At that moment the couple noticed that another shopper in the store was busy in a conversation with the great star Paul Walker. Then Kyle exposed to the celebrity that he had just derived back from a tour of duty in Iraq. After some shorts of time the couple left the store without any ring because they could not provide the requested amount for the ring. After a moment one of the sales assistants informed the couple that the ring was gifted by someone to them. Walker gifted the $9,000 diamond ring to the couple. But it was forbidden to let the couple know about the actual giver. What a generosity!


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