The Pentatonix
The Pentatonix

American A Capella Group brings the Christmas spirit long before the Yuletide season through their performance of “Little Drummer Boy.“

Pentatonix cheered listeners with their lively song, despite the fact that it was still several weeks before Christmas. . The group, composed of five members, was the winner in the 2011 third season of the Sing -Off on NBC. Since then, the group has released several albums and recently, they are preparing for their 2014 World Tour.

The group is composed of five vocalists namely Scot Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola. Scot, Kirstie, and Mitch were schoolmates during their high school. The trio entered a radio show hosting competition, through which they gained recognition.

Their break came when Scot Hoying, now in university, heard about the Sing-Off. He contacted Kirstie, who was also a student in another university, and Mitch, who was still in high school. However, the show requires 4 as the minimum number of members of a competing group. Scot met Avi through a friend and they recruited Kevin, who became well-known on YouTube.

To spend more time practicing for the competition, Kistie and Scot left school while Mitch joined them without attending his graduation from high school in time for the competition. The group aims to be the first mainstream a capella group.

After the Sing-Off, the group released several albums and they became viral on YouTube. Since then, they have guested on TV shows, had interviews, and released albums after albums. Their Fall tour was a great success.

Aside from their regular singing engagements, and their rising popularity, these young people performed for the benefit of non-profit organizations and give talks to young people, sharing their own experiences in school.

Pentatonix has its own web site where the group’s albums are sold and more information about them can be found.

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