Help from Great Britain to the victims of typhoon-ravaged zone of the Philippines is sold for profit by corrupt local officials, instead of being given to the needy. Military helicopters delivered emergency supplies and provision to the hungry. But this aid turned up on the shelves of shops in Manila.
Mr Darge, who had moved to the Philippines from Scotland, says that he has the evidence of the thefts. He stays that only tiny percentage of the aid is getting through. Mr Darge photographed supplies being locked up rather than distributed in Eastern Samar, one of the worst hit-areas. Now he is being threatened to be shot if he doesn’t stop. Television stations in the Philippines have supported Mr Darge’s claims, reporting that supplies have been diverted to Manila. Aid packages have also apparently been auctioned online. There are also concerns that supplies are being simply wasted. Mr Darge and his wife found a big number of hamburgers, dumped by the roadside. The Philippines people do not get aid given by the USA. People also blame local authorities for giving food to their preferred ones.
Local Mayor, Edgar Boco, says that his officials were controlling distribution, but he would be interested to find out what items and where have been sold. And added that aid is monitored.

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