Photographs speak a thousand words. Everlasting tale of love was told by a series of photos of a couple that was taken on the same spot at all times in front of their house.

photographs tell love story

A series of photographs thought to be taken by a photographer named Ken Griffiths revealed an everlasting tale of love between the pair despite their advanced age. From the pictures, it was clear that the man and woman had been married for years and had loved each other perfectly.

In the first photographs, the flowers are blooming, showing that it could be spring. The scenery is reflected on their faces as they stand in their usual place, eager to capture and store another season in their lives.

These photos were taken on the same spot ever season, which was on the path to the house. As usual, the house served as the backdrop to the scene and the couple was framed by their house. Bordered by flowers in bloom, the path had been walked by the couple a thousand times and played a great role in their lives.

In some photos, it was summer season, with the ground cleaned and prepared for the coming spring. The pictures witnessed the couple’s years and their devotion to each other and were probably taken after they had labored in their garden, preparing to plant flowers that would bloom and give color to their lives.


Only the second to the last photo was taken during winter, with the surroundings grey and bleak. The man is holding an umbrella over them, but seeing to it that the woman is covered well. That was the last picture they had together.

photos 3

The next picture showed the man alone. It was still winter and probably, he had lost his wife just recently. His wife might had been gone but he could not let go of the tradition they shared – having their photos taken in front of their house.


photos 4

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