If you possess the right skills and knowledge in utilizing the features of Photoshop, you can impress others with your Photoshop editing skills for sure. Conversely, if one has unbelievable Photoshop skills then comes unbelievably huge expectation and responsibility. Photoshop can turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. On the downside, it can also work in reverse just like the drastic changes made through Photoshop presented by the video clip below.

The original video clip displayed the body evolution of a woman from a normal and average looking woman into a vivacious supermodel. Victors and Spoils, the video creator stated this in the introduction: Ad agencies go to disturbing lengths to create the perfect image. To celebrate the Christmas season, the creators pulled a Christmas inspired version of the video clip and special twist of the presentation. Using the edited picture of the model from the original video posted, Victor and Spoils did some Photoshop magic. First they made the model appear fatter. Then, they changed her beautiful face into a wrinkly one and totally exchange his dark curly hair into a white curly one plus a beard. As a matter of fact, the end product is hilarious and you won’t believe your eyes. The woman seemed to transform to a whole new identity! One will surely be amazed by the power Photoshop displayed. The video reveals how advertisers manipulate the human image deceiving us from the truth.

I just have one question then. What is the point of having a model when anyone can just edit almost every aspect of a model such has his or her body, face, skin tone, and other blemished that needs to be corrected in the eyes of the fashion gurus or magazine editors and so called beauty experts?

Watch the video for you to be able to witness the full transformation and the final product that will surely make you laugh out loud and open your eyes to the manipulation and deception made! Be not fooled.

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