The picture showed somehow sparked a viral outrage among a few men saying it degrades the essence of being a man.  Doyin Richard, the men pictured alongside his two daughters, only wanted to get his daughter prepared for school however, the picture unintentionally became a viral hit and issues regarding househusbands and racial stereotyping have arisen.  This led Dolyn Richard to write about his dream of a change in the outlook of people when it comes to men taking the role of the housewives ala Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

Richard was taking a month off from his corporate job to spend time with his adorable daughters especially to bond with his 3-month old toddler.  It was hard for him to adjust at first but eventually the time spent with his daughter was far more fulfilling and rewarding.  He gets to see her little sunshine smile at him every day!

Her wife though still attends to her work that is why one day, when she was running late for work, Richards was tasked to fix his eldest daughter’s hair before she sends her to school.  His wife was however hesitant whether he can handle everything since he has to attend to their baby girl at the same time while he assumed the role of the hairstylist to his eldest daughter.  Tough job, I may say.  Richards assured his wife that he can do it and she replied that she’ll believe it only when she sees it.

Accepting the challenge, Richards carried the baby with the Ergo while working on his eldest daughter’s hair.  He then wanted to document the whole thing as a proof for his doubting wife and thus he set the camera’s timer and shot away.  After the gruesome multitasking, he sent the picture to her wife with the caption “Boom!” and they just laughed it out.

When Richards posted the picture Facebook and Twitter for the public to see, he received an overwhelming response of mixed reaction of positive and negative feedbacks.

All he wanted was to do his job as a father and his message to everyone both his haters and followers is that he will still continue on his noble job as a father and nothing can stop him from doing so.

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