piers_morganPiers Morgan sets apart as a respected British newscaster in the widely popular American news channel. In this video clip, Piers Morgan sends his parting words to his audience and delivered his last speech about his advocacy on gun control and laws in his last appearance in his show in CNN, Piers Morgan Live which is aired every Friday night.

Before Piers Morgan criticize the lenient law on gun control, he first praised and honored the U.S. saying that it is the land where true opportunity exists. In addition, he also praised the American people saying the majority of Americans are dependable, decent and hardworking. He then proceeded to comment on the sad the reality that an estimate of 100,000 Americans are shot by guns per year. He however stressed that he is and never will be an anti-American prick and countered it saying he is so pro-American that he wants more Americans to stay alive.

Piers Morgan shared his dismay with regards to the Aurora, Colorado theater shoot-out and the Newtown, Connecticut school rampage. He said that the gun laws implemented in the U.S. are indeed absurd. Even though the country already experience the death of a total of 70 people in a movie theater, and the murder of 20 first-graders using an assault rifle in an elementary school, gun laws did not seem to move forward and take effect. There is still no drastic and significant change that occurred!

The National Rifle Association( NRA) looks like they hold a great power over the nation’s politician. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said that there is no other greater freedom than to be able to protect and survive our love ones with the use of rifles, handguns and shotguns.

Piers Morgan however argued LaPierre’s statement saying,” More guns mean more gun violence, more profits and more profits for manufacturers of guns.

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