Justin Bieber, one of the most famous singers always busy to make man’s life miserable by doing unpredicted things. Watch out the video in which singer Justin Bieber has caught pissing pee into mop bucket of a restaurant and laughing.

He behaves as if he is the ruling person of the world. Earlier of this year, this video has collected from New York City from a reverent source. It is said that Justin Bieber was with some of his friends coming from nightclub to the restaurant. At the time of leaving the restaurant, Bieber felt to go to bathroom for pee.

Justin Bieber decided to whip out his junk and pee into the yellow mop bucket of the restaurant instead of going to bathroom. The restaurant cleaners used the yellow bucket to clean floors of the restaurant. His unwise and kid minded act means someone had to clean his piss water physically.

The worst part was later he had do during leaving the restaurant. He and his friend behaved like to be honored from the restaurant owner as well as the people presented there as Justin Bieber pissed there. His friends behaved were very much revolting to the restaurant owner and guests.

Justin Bieber was considered to be drunk at the moment. But, this news has no prove yet! Although his and his friends shows unusual act that sounds like to be drunk.

Don’t know why but Justin Bieber took a liquid spray of cleaning and used on the photo of Bill Clinton and said F**K Bill Clinton! What happened between Bill Clinton and Justin Bieber is still unknown.

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