Pizza Cake
In the last few years, so many changes in the living style also altered the trends of eating. Recently, an idea of adding ‘pizza cake’ to the menu hits the chefs of one Canadian pizza chain. The ‘pizza cake’ features five layers of cheese, meat and crust.
This amazing and unique cake was created by Boston Pizza chefs. The diners are now asked whether they want this dish to appear in the summer menu.  They are asked to vote online.

It looks like most of the people want to eat this exclusive pizza cake. More than 3,100 people voted for the pizza cake that is stuffed with slices of pepperoni, sausage and ham. Boston Pizza fans will surely want to enjoy this real pizza layered cake.

As for the cost of this pizza, nobody is sure yet what will be its cost when it will be present on the menu.

The runner up of this online poll is box of tiny pizza mints. 607 voters has cast their votes in its favor. They are the breath fresheners that come slice-shaped in their own small Boston Pizza box.

One the third position, gas-powered pizza cutter is placed as it got 459 votes. These cutters cut easily through the slices.

Other competitors are pizza car fresheners, a triangle-shaped pocket in a shirt to hold a pizza slice, pizza clippers, and pizza beardkin which is a napkin having beard shape and has a hole for eating so a pizza slice can be eaten without producing any mess.

Boston Pizza hasn’t announced when the voting will be closed.
The Pizza chain is at top in providing pizza-based innovations. The chain functions in 40 U.S. locations and distinct its poll by introducing pizza taco. Currently, it is available in bacon and chipotle chicken flavor.

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