It is usually said that friendship has no boundaries, neither has it had any barrier of language! This belief seems to be quite true as this article resembles a friendship between a wild cat and a fox. At the first instance, the pairing might struck you with surprise, but it’s quite true. Just take a look at some of the images below that reveal the fact.


This odd pair of friends were spotted on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. The duo were earlier spotted by a fisherman who visits the lake frequently and the photos of their togetherness surfaced on the internet last year.


Well the images clearly reveal how playful and joyous this pair of friends is! True friends of their own world who convey a simple fact that words are certainly not essential to express feelings. If you have those feelings, your friendship is certainly going to be eternal.

Here is a video showing both of them. The video is in Turkish, but the chemistry between the pair shows the strength of their friendship.

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