In a desperate act the Police in London have astonishingly seized the belongings of the homeless on the patrol. The shocking incident came into light when policemen took the sources of the food and blankets from a group of people. The homeless people were staying in an abundant public bath.

There are many homeless people stay around the streets in London. Most of them are relied on the donations and offerings of the many volunteer groups. These people were no different and took shelter on the fateful night only to find them in trouble. One member among the group Adam Jaskowiak explained the horror of the night in Redbridge. He said that despite of several appeals the police refused to give them the foods and the warm clothes. The cruel act of the police left all without warm clothes in cold including an old man in his sixties.

The police have tried justifying the act by saying that it comes under their duty. They said that nobody can take shelter in a public area and they were performing their duty and service. However Joanne McCartney, chair of the Police and Crime Committee of Greater London expressed her shock over the incident. She exclaimed that one cannot snatch the required warmth and food from the homeless. She has written a letter and has sought for the justification of the seizure. Her statements have drawn large contradictions on the legal aspect of the incident.

The sympathetic societies along with the volunteer have condemned the act of police. They mentioned that the act is unacceptable and taking away food and warm clothes from the needy is injustice. Richa Chaddha, head of the Refugee and Migrant forum of East London has described the occurrence as dangerous. She also briefed that the incident could have been life threatening for anyone because of cold and lack of food as they were homeless.

source: kindnessblog
source: kindnessblog

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