A polling was carried out last month before the year end 2013, which showed that almost half of the Americans believed that businesses and stores should use ‘Seasons Greetings’ or Happy Holidays greetings instead of ‘Merry Christmas’.


The issues became political when the number of people supporting ‘Happy Holidays’ grew to 49 percent from 44 percent in 2010. However the minority 43 percent people said they prefer specifically religious greetings. The figures were presented by the Public Religion Research Institute. Robert Jones-CEO of PPRI said “Americans seem to be turning a corner on the appropriateness of more inclusive holiday greetings during December”.

The opinions were also split within the political parties where 61 percent Republicans favored “Merry Christmas” whereas 58 percent Democrats voted for “Happy Holidays”.

The opinions amongst people of different generations were also split. Two-third of adults in the age-group of 18-29 supported the more general greeting over the religious one, whereas 39 percent of seniors preferred the religious way of greeting.

However, some conservative mindset pundits have criticized the “ Happy Holidays ” as a sign of greeting. They believe that this way of greeting could bring the religious festivities under attack. This year, Texas had passed a law for “Merry Christmas”, which allowed students of the school to sing Christmas songs with full freedom without the fear of any punishment.

Gordon Billingsley, 58, of Overland Park, Kansas, said that he is fine with holiday greetings. He further added “Why should I be offended by someone who is choosing to be inclusive as they offer me a kindness? It makes it no less kind, and it sort of gives me some hope that the spirit of the season can reach across our differences.”

The telephone survey was conducted from 4-12 December by randomly selecting 1056 adults and the survey showed a marginal error of plus-minus 3 percent points.

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