International human rights lawyer and editor of  The Islamic Monthly, Arsalan Iftikhar shared a snaphot of a vandalized subway advertisement of Gap on his Twitter and Facebook account.Ad features  Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia.That is why it became target of racism.Vandals wrote ” make bombs” and ” please stop driving taxis” on the advertisement which has a caption as ” make love”.

Iftikhar has one of the most populer muslim accounts on Twitter.There are 37.054 fallowers of  international lawyer. The day after Iftikhar posted photo of ad, Gap tweeted him to get information about the location of advertisement.In addition to this they replaced backround photo with Sikh actor’s to show that they are in the favour of Waris Ahluwalia .This fast reaction was shared by Iftikhar via Twitter  and appreciated by Muslim and Sikh society.Members of especially Sikh community got very pleased from featuring a Sikh actor in advertisements.” Thank you,Gap” campaign was started.Gap recieved plenty of e-mails telling how much they are honoured,and ad made a positive effect over their community.Eventually unpleasant situation turned into win-win case and proved the importance of social media.


Power of Social Media


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