article-2513315-19A31A5E00000578-33_634x707The strong power of make-up in the present time has become great issue to transform a male in to a female. Besides it’s not hard to transform a girl in to a boy through the transformative power of make-up. Transforming oneself  has become a buzz fashion for today’s party. Ryan Burke, a New York-based photographer has a prodigious passion of transforming himself into colorful new self-portrait series. He frequently adorns himself elaborately and devotes more time to do this. He often uses almost everything of make-up elements such as face paint, false eyelashes, colors, feathers and so on to transfer himself in to different portraits.


Almost all the procedure is for the subversive party scene. He loves very much to take guises and displays himself on different shapes in different times. In order to keep record of his garnering  guises moment he has uploaded some of his photographs in to social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Mr Burke frequently grosses time fashioning outfits, props and accessories when he spends hours in front of the mirror taking his make-ups. One photo appearances him exhausting an Audrey Hepburn-style little dark dress with long-sleeve ornaments and a pate dress made from lots of pearl drops.


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