These pranks will get you in stitches as you laugh at the hilarious bits in the, but you will be sympathetic to the pranked guy. Imagine a DJ having to babysit kids or customized Christmas lighting to inform your epileptic girlfriend that you know she is cheating on you.

The best for me was the one about a clown having to wave a samurai sword over his head to scare an undisciplined boy, and then make balloon animals for the kid.

Keep in mind that the prankster was responding to ads placed by the pranked people, either looking for services, or advertising their services.

So much ado, here goes,

The first one is about cleaning; the prankster wants a cleaner for a party-wrecked house.


Then the clown gets clowned too.


A Halloween DJ gets taken out too. This one will take you out if you are not smiling yet.


This girl was looking for customized Halloween costumes and got pranked in the process. These costumes are completely customized.


The best bit is that ‘fake blood’. That is a real joke right there.

One more prank from the now famous box. For the man who wanted to buy a Mitsubishi eclipse car for his 16-year old daughter. Prankster poses as a car salesman.


Do not do this to your favorite eatery’s manager. You will get kicked out, never to return if you try this one out.


A taxidermist is asked to stuff some animal; special skills were surely needed.


And now for the best one. This one will have you in guffaws of laughter. The Christmas lighting guy gets a shock of his life as his customized skills are called into action. An offer for a beer comes with the package.

Xmas light

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