A story of scene. It may seem funny but very very intelligent idea. It is like playing with doctor, patient and with the emotion of human being. Let’s find out the moral. The victim is called Ray. Ray can be defined as a bit of a luxurious. After his fifth DUI, his friends supposedly decided to play the trick of the period to knock some sense into him. No problem it was possible for them to do. So go for the followings.

When Ray had passed out in his car from eating, His friends erected a false hospital room and put Ray into it while he was still approved out. So then he was in the hospital for a long period of time. He is in here. He was at coma


Then a doctor had come and told him that then was the years of 2023. The doctor also told that the family of Ray had been conveyed. Them Ray expressed his feelings to see his daughter.

Then the doctor had played a false air that Hillary Clinton was president, previous performer and singer Miley Cyrus was being dispossessed from a clip park, and Justin Bieber was rejoicing his anniversary with Dale Earnhardt Jr. It was telecasted in front on him.

Then Ray was very much silent. And he was seemed to be in shock. His face proofs that he might be in a shocked.

After that the second doctor had come and asked Ray that if he felt that. Something about his body and feelings.

Ray was asked that what was that about. I mean about his feelings.

Ray is some moving and saying that he realized that he was been had.

Now come to the point that the things get thoughtful.


Finally his friends said that he could not lost her daughter.

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