Pre-natal workout benefits pregnant women,” attested Mary Helen Bowers, an accomplished ballet dancer and creator of Ballet Beautiful Work Out. Ms. Bowers has been dancing during her pregnancy and continues to do so up to her 39th week. Ms. Bowers is the trainer of Victoria’s Secret Angels and Natalie Portman for her part in Black Swan.

“I believe women must welcome and embrace their changing figure as their pregnancy advances,” the dancer stated. “Pre-natal workout  has prepared me for the rigorous labor that I have to enure to give birth to my baby,” she further declared. The dancer revealed that her doctor supports her in her decision to go on dancing even if she is pregnant.

Pre-natal workout creator dances in her 39th week of pregnancy.
Pre-natal workout creator Ms. Bowers performs a difficult step.

While most women fear to exert effort for fear of losing their babies, Ms. Bowers continued performing difficult ballet steps all throughout her pregnancy. Wearing her usual ballet attire, she glorifies the baby inside her by showing off her growing belly. “I feel happy that despite my pregnancy, I continue to do what I love most and that I am sharing my joy with my baby in my womb. In addition, being pregnant has made me more creative,” she enthused.

Ms. Bowers is contemplating to work on a pre-natal workout for women and in fact, she has started putting her plans on paper. She is eager to help other women enjoy their pregnancy and take pride in the changes in their body that are brought by motherhood.

“Dancing has minimized the discomforts that usually come with pregnancy such as swelling and back pains. I acquired strength, which I badly need to deliver my child,” she revealed.”

In her statement, Ms. Bowers advises pregnant women to continue with their pre-natal work out and remain active while pregnant. In addition, they must welcome the changes that come to pregnant women.

Ms. Bowers has started a pre-natal work out series for Ballet Beautiful. Clad in her leotard, she pledged to continue working out until it is time for her to deliver her child.

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