A predator man was hit on the head by the father of a 13-year old girl when he came to the latter’s house after the girl invited him.

The incident took place after the 13-year old girl complained to her dad that a man kept on pestering her with messages. It appeared that the man had been seeing the girl’s friend and had started sending messages to the girl’s Facebook account. Seeing the fear and alarm on his daughter’s face, the father thought of a way to catch the man and teach him a lesson.

The girl’s father solicited the help of his friends and they agreed to be with him to confront the man. The girl’s dad instructed his daughter to send a message to the man and invite him to come to their house at night. The girl did as told and her father was glad when the man agreed to come over.

Before the time of the predator man’s arrival, the girl’s father and his friends were already hiding in the house, ready to attack the predator man. When the man arrived, he confidently entered the house thinking that the girl was alone. He did not expect that the girl’s dad and his friends were waiting to jump on him. They beat the man and the father bashed him on the head. The man fell unconscious on the floor.

When the police arrived, the man was arrested and brought to jail. The girl’s dad filed a case against the man for trying to molest his daughter, who is still a minor.

After the arrest, several young girls in the area came out and revealed that they also received messages from a man trying to lure them out. Fortunately, not one of them took the initiative to meet up with him.

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