If you have a royal status and fail in balancing it and social life, as a matter of course that usually results in scandals. Young prince Harry is trying to find the balance between his royal life, army life, and social life too. But it is not possible to say that he is always successful at this. One of those unsuccessful moments damaging the prestige of royal status happened in Las Vegas. But this was not kept as a secret and Harry let his family down. It seems like young prince feels himself as a soldier rather than a memeber of royal family.


Scandal photos were taken after Prince Harry invited some hotel guests ( needless to say that most of them were beautiful girls ) to his £5,000-per-night suite in Las Vegas. As party in luxurious suite went wild, one of the guests took embarrassing photos in which Harry acted not much princely. According to sources drugs were also used that night by some of the guests along with drinks. Some of them were high (probably Harry was too).  Of course internet sites and newspapers did not miss this big opportunity and published snaps soon after they recieved.
Prince Harry spoke out about scandal “But it was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that.”

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