prince-william-4-600Prince William, Kate (his wife), and a huge of VIPs had just ended watching the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. There was an upended cheer followed by a stunned hush in the London movie theater. The clutch was stunned when they learned that the main theme of the movie, Nelson Mandela, had died. Zindzi and Zenoni the two daughters of Nelson Mandela were in that place during the time. But they left the place before starting the screening. It is thought that they were conveyed of their father’s death. They left the place silently because they want to let the movie continue. There was a good party after the screening and it had been stopped. At the end of the movie the film’s producer, Anant Singh, delivered the sad news amongst all. He had been very shocked that they had lost a great human by which we can walk this earth. He prayed for him much and expresses his hope to be associated with him. After knowing the shocking news Queen Elizabeth had been very shocked. She also said that the person had done very well for his country. William said with Kate that it was really apathetic news. He also expressed that Mandela was an extraordinary and inspiring man.

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