Prince William and Madison Lambe

A Christmas day is indeed a delightful day, full of cheers and fun. Some people get luckier that day. Who don’t take ‘selfies’ when it’s Christmas? But when this selfie is taken with the Prince, the charm of it gets increase too many folds.

Same luck was enjoyed by a 12 years old Madison Lambe this Christmas. This little well wisher got a royal picture for her to remember forever.

Young Madison asked Prince William to have a photo with her on a Christmas day. He was walking to church when she got the chance to have this royal picture. His wife Kate was also accompanying him at that time.

The picture was taken in Sandringham. Madison got a very good reply from the Prince, “You can’t beat a good selfie on Christmas Day.”

The prince and Madison Lambe posed two photos.

When Madison was asked by the BBC about her experience with the Prince she said, “He didn’t seem bothered that I asked him, he was really nice.”

This student at Boston High School added, “It was sort of a dare from my mum to ask the Queen or him for a photo.”

Madison also took some flowers with her and when she found the opportunity, she asked the Prince to avail the chance instantly and the Prince agreed.

She shared her experience afterward by further adding, “I didn’t really expect it. It was a really good experience.” Nobody gets these chances every day.

Prince Charles also shows the same approval in his visit to Stevenage, Hertfordshire. There, he also posed for a selfie with a boy.

This Royal Family is really been good with the fans. In the summers, Prince William’s grandma, Queen Elizabeth, also surprised a fan by posing with this 7 years old girl holding her teddy bear.

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