Apparently, American Apparel really likes pubic hair and thinks that controversy will help them boost their sales.

The retailer is embroiled in controversy once more and has got people talking about their mannequins that have pubic hair. The mannequins are displayed full view to the public on store windows. They are advertising the brand’s panties and stopping people in their tracks as they go about their business. Nobody knows if the brand’s panties that are advertised by the mannequins are being bought but for sure, they are attracting long stares from pedestrians. The controversial mannequins can be spotted at the East Houston Street branch of America Apparel in New York City.


An associate in the store said that the mannequins were meant to communicate the rawness and realness of sexuality. It seems like they are working in their attempt to drum up sales around Valentine’s Day: curiosity is always getting the better of pedestrians and they have been crowding around the store always taking photos. American Apparel is also on the receiving end of a barrage of inquiries by the media.


American apparel is not new to use of pubic air. They do it for shock value with imagery, a trademark strategy of the franchise. Last fall, a T-shirt that had a graphic menstruating vagina image with pubic hair was sold by the store and caused quite a buzz in online circles. Earlier, in 2011, American Apparel released an ad that featured a model wearing sheer underwear only and with pubic hair.


It is very clear that the CEO of the franchise, Doy Charney, who is also the founder has no problem with the use of jarring imagery that may be related to female genitalia. He could be doing this as a calculated move to stir controversy or as a statement of empowerment to the female body. It could also be both.



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