Canon O’Brien recently hosted George Takei on his late night show. Unsurprisingly fans of both entertaining stars witnessed amusing conversations as these witty guys came together. But highlight of the night was the push up show of Takei who is 76 years old.Despite his advanced age, Star Trek icon still looks healthy and in shape. ” Eat properly, rest properly, exercise properly, get plenty of sleep “. Takei revealed his secret of healthy life and staying fit with these 4 rules. In addition to these rules, this old man does 100 push ups and sit ups every morning. But this was not enough for O’ Brien and he asked his guest for a trick. Of course Takei did not miss that show off opportunity.

Push up is one of the best exercise that you can do with your body weight. This strength building exercise works upper body efficiently. It allows you to access many muscle groups especially chest, shoulders, triceps therefore push up is a compound exercise. In addition to these, push up provides you a good posture. If you don’t have time for gym, you should try this exercise at home.

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