The world famous Rapper Eminem is having panic times for his daughter. He recently reacted to the relationship between his daughter Hailie and Justin Denhem. The father Eminem is disturbed because Justin claimed he is a huge fan of him.

Marshall Mathers who is famous as Eminem in the music world is famous for his violent and controversial lyrics. The songs like “Kill You” have a large explicit material of Woman abuse. The singer has sung many songs on violent women abuse and feels that anybody likes his song is a dangerous person to deal with.


He is in a state of shock after knowing his little girl is involved with one of his fan. He reacted by saying that if someone has grown up by listening to his music he will most probably be violent and destructive. He expressed his displeasure over the development of the relationship. Eminem reiterated that his 18 year old daughter should find someone better who might have never listened to his music.

The rapper feels that a decent boy will never like his lyrics as it is about woman violation. His scare was evident for his daughter as he feels that his song influence could tempt Justin to do some sort of violent act against his daughter. He even discussed few of his songs where he used such kind of extreme words. “Kim” was one of his songs which portray the brutal murder of the singer’s wife. There are few others songs which he sang were about raping and murder. He was disgusted about the relationship of his daughter Hailie and was concerned about her at the same time.

Eminem would have never thought that his violent choice of music can eventually hit him like this. His scare and concern is absolutely justified as his words can really become provocation some time. But Eminem is focused on to save his daughter from any such cruel act.


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