Joseph Luis Torrez  is a 27-year old MMA fighter from New Mexico. He is a lightweight professional fighter of 155-pounds. In his professional career record, he has total of six games in which one is won. But his real life fighting with four bad guys made him a hero. He killed one, hospitalized other and made two run away.


Police said that the four men who invaded Joe Torrez’s house had been searching for him the next day after the fight on New Year’s Eve. It is also reported that one of these men also called Joe Torrez before invading the house and threatened to kill him and his family.

 When these men reached his house, he was with three other people including his son, fiancé, and her sister. These people tried to invade the house with force which made Joe furious. The four invaders were gang members and also have history with the illegal drugs.

 The four attackers were Sal Garces and his brother Raymond, Calvillo and Nathan Avalos.

 With all the fuss around, someone from the inside called 911. When authorizes reached at the scenario, they found Sal Garces, one of the invader, dead because of the trauma and severe injuries. Other had severe facial injuries and he was transported immediately to the hospital by the authorities.

Two invaders ran away but police caught them after some time. All these three men are facing different charges for the crime they have done.  They have charges of burglary, conspiracy, aggravated battery and property damage.

On the death of one invader, official says that Joe may face criminal charges, but up to this date, there is no report of it; his lawyer insisting that he was fighting for his life.


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