Reality dating game show couple celebrates 10th wedding anniversary.
Trista and Ryan Stutter
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Reality dating game show’s first runner-up Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter marked 10th wedding anniversary.  Ryan was  one of the 25 men offered to her for marriage as her prize in the said reality dating game show.

Trista, now 41, and Mark, now 39, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary after they found each other in the reality dating game show The Bachelorette, by renewing their wedding vows. The celebration was aired over the television, which millions of people, some of them teary-eyed, watched.

In an era when some marriages are dissolved after a few months, this couple’s strong marriage has amazed many people, considering the circumstances under which they first met. The marriage was a result of a reality dating game show, the courtship was done in front of millions of viewers, and the fairy-tale wedding seemed like a part of a movie script. There were speculations that the marriage will not last long and the announcement of the couple’s 10th  wedding anniversary celebration was welcomed with great amazement.

The simple ceremony where Trista and Ryan professed their undying love for each other was held in their hometown in Colorado. People who witnessed the episode in The Bachelorette where Trista decided to claim her prize were amazed that these two have stuck together for a decade.

When asked how they managed to fall in love and remain in love to each other throughout the years, Trista revealed that they did their best to make their relationship work. To her, Ryan is a very good man and he becomes better and better as a husband and father of their two children as years go on.

Reality dating game show Trista and Ryan with their two kids.
Trista and Ryan with their two children.
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For Ryan, Trista has become the center of his world and his strength. He confessed that his life will be worthless without her.

In her book, “Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of A Grateful Heart, Trista, shares her secret in turning a fairy-tale marriage into a happy reality.

Happy moments like this made their marriage last.
Happy moments like this made their marriage last.




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