When someone dies, we in tend to exaggerate his courage, to make him an idol or opposite show him as pure evil. Especially if the one who died was a popular person, and especially if that person had some influence on the course of  the history of a nation.
Nelson Mandela  (also known as Madiba) was a great person, who changed life of the South Africa. He was the President of the country in 1994-1999. Nelson Mandela had taken part in many protests since 1943. In 1952 he headed youth organization of disobedience. He fought against apartheid and even took part in armed protests supporting rights of the dark-skinned people. In 1962 Mandela was arrested and sentenced to life. But in 1990 he was released. In 1994 he was elected. As President Mandela made a lot of reforms in the South Africa: free and compulsory education for African kids, free medicine, he built many houses where people could move, connected water and electricity to all buildings. Nelson Mandela had many awards for his struggle and achievement to African life. All these facts make people idolize him. But it is wrong. We can not forget  about his wars, his armed protests and fights which caused many troubles to people. He was not saint. And it is completely incorrect either to remember about only the good things he did or remember only the minuses of his policy. He was just a man, who had a big influence on political life of South Africa, with his weak and strong sides. We should remember him just the way he was.

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