Research Has Found Which the World’s Gloomiest Day Is

Arguments, little love, bills, being low on cash and bad weather would characterize the gloomiest day for you and many other people too. This was found to be the case using software that monitors the mentions of specific words on the internet. Divorce and debt add to the problems that could make the day gloomy.

gloomy couple
This could be just one of your troubles


The research carried out by Upbeat, a drinks company; found that complaints relating to the weather could be six times higher in number. Well, one wonders the motives behind such research by a drinks company. Over the past three years, other independent researchers have done an analysis of more than 2 million tweets in the month of January whereby they look for negative language and phrases that could indicate a drop in the general mood.

Bad weather contributes to gloominess too
Bad weather contributes to gloominess too

The first working Monday of the year was found to be the worst day for most people. Now that you know it, you can add the realization that you will not hit that weight loss resolution to whatever could make you gloomy too. On this day, men are more likely to be miserable than women. The day has also been nicknamed Divorce Monday after legal experts said it is a popular day to start divorce proceedings.

Now, that is a very blue Monday for you, isn’t it?

you may end up like this too
You may end up like this too

After the partying over the festive season, the failed resolutions, terrible weather, realizing that Christmas was expensive after all, high debt levels and knowing that you are now headed back to the daily grind and the end of your lie-ins are not factors that could contribute to your happiness. Add that you could now be on poor terms with your spouse and you have the perfect recipe for a bad day. The icing on the cake could be if the spouse decides to divorce you. You now see why a drinks company would want to know the gloomiest day, don’t you?


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