ASOS, a UK based fashion store has joined hands with other similar businesses like Next and Marks and Spencer to ban angora products. This step was taken mainly because of a video recently released which portrayed cruel treatment of rabbits in Chinese factories. A legit reason behind it is that no animals should be harmed or treated badly just for the sake of fulfilling demands of people and making a profit, due to which ASOS has refused to take orders which requires white fur. The company has gone far enough with its agenda by also giving a refund to the customers who have bought such products. This ethical and moral step taken by ASOS was widely praised by the people around the world and even by PETA who states that cruelty on animals should be stopped.


The main reason why angora is preferred by manufacturers is because it is very fluffy, much warmer than other fibers and is also cheaper. Recent researches have shown why exactly angora is cheaper. Chinese manufacturers are responsible for around 90% of the angora products around the world and due to mass scale production; they usually forget about caring for the animals and instead abuse them for personal benefits.


The workers mercilessly scalp the rabbits without paying little attention to what kind of pain they are inflicting on the living being. In the video footage men are being shown using harsh metal scissors and some are even shown using bare hands to rip the fur out. Once the fur is extracted, the rabbits are left alone in tiny cages in their pain and are paid no attention at all.

Chinese manufacturers have been very competitive in the market due to the prices they offer. Extraction of fur from rabbits can take more than an hour if done carefully, keeping in mind the health and safety of the rabbit. But the video shows that the process is quite shorter and full of pain. Although China does not have any such laws to protect animals, it is a noble initiative taken by companies like ASOS which will safeguard the lives of many animals.


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