Untitled-1It’s enjoyable to see a superstar (Robin Williams) who did not distinguish what was successful on not only request but salaried the due admiration for Departure. We essential more superstar’s to demonstration our armed and Vets some admiration. Well complete Robin Williams. For persons who don’t previously distinguish, the 2 tunes are called “Departure” and “To the Insignia”, which are frolicked at 5PM everyday when the American standard is dropped at either installation you are posted. If you are out-of-doors and in unchanging, you are obligatory to halt, expression the way of the flag, and attitude at “procession rest” (for Departure) and then stand at care and salute the standard when To the Insignia starts. Except, of sequence, this has altered since I was in the Military many romanticizes ago. Humorous the change in civilizations in the Fleet, it’s always at sundown (at smallest when we aren’t happening). I’m all around custom, but the changes in practice among twigs can get attractive puzzling.

Yep it is sundown in the NAVY on terrestrial or sea. I contemplate the Army uses sundown too. Of sequence Reville is at DAWN – not at a period of the timepiece. So – to a novice it might appear to be some random thing if they SEE the color protector or the flag in training or coming depressed and notice the sun is location at the similar time. No, not at marine. The flag hovers 24 times a day though a ship is happening. And a morning color at coast amenities is at 8:00 AM, not dawn. I have to affect, as a submariner I container attractive much assurance that we don’t fly the standard 24 hrs a day. Lol. Jk. I have seen numerous dropping of the standard. It was so over whelming to fair be able to witness it. to this day it brands me feel arrogance and joy knowing we have countless men and woman out there aggressive and defensive our liberties. god sanctify them all.

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