After the restrictions on working in UK were lifted there was a pack of large number of citizens from Romania and Bulgaria moving to UK last December. All the flights from Romania were full and same was the situation in Bulgaria as the buses were going packed from the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Here are few the images showing you the situation of that time.

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All the flights from Romania were going full in spite of the ticket rates being £3000.


The scenarion of central bus station in Bulgaria from where people were moving to other parts of Europe and Britain.



The above picture shows a poster at the central bus station in Sofia promoting discounted ticket rates. The poster reads as ‘Regular routes to London, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Greece’ which offers a 5% discount if booked from agent Balkan Horn.

Wizz Air, which is considered to be the low cost airline serving Eastern Europe had almost double its passenger flights in order to meet the migration demand. After the restrictions being lifted, people were ready to do any kind of job and were inquiring about various benefits they would get in UK.

A popular website user said ‘My husband and I want to have a child in the UK. We want to know what kind of benefits we can apply for. We are interested in receiving a council house.’ 

A Romanian pregnant lady said ‘I have read on this website I can get £190 a week from the British government from the 25th week of pregnancy. Could somebody help me with the documents?’


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Looking to huge number of people desiring to move to UK, the travel agencies in Sofia and Romania witnessed a huge demand.

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People who were moving were saying that the wages in UK are very handsome. However Germany looking to this response of migrants to UK after the restrictions were lifted thought for something opposite. Here are the images of two reports published.


Germany’s reaction after seeing such huge of of migrants moving to UK.


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