Margo-Rey-600We all know Ron white. He is an expert comedian in the world. His age is fifty six. But in his inner heart he is not as much aged. He loves to laugh and make people laugh. He was loving his girlfriend for  long period of time. At last the day had come to marry her. Her name is Margo Ray. She is a famous singer in the world. This marriage is also like a funny and comedy but the connection of two soul for them. This was an expressive and pleased day when comedian Ron White married his long-time girlfriend Margo Rey in Dallas on Sunday. Margo Ray the famous singer is forty six years old. In that day of their marriage she had worn a strapless white gown.


She has worn it in lue of an complicated up do. Rey’s hair was collected small. A side-effect of the chemotherapy and energy she experienced previous this year as her fights for cancer for the second time. Ron White and Margo Ray swapped oaths in front of family and friends including John Oates at the Fairmont Hotel. Frito Pie was served. Rey tired breast growth after experiencing a double mastectomy in 2009. Because of learning in January this year, the disease had repaid in her lymph node. In case Margo Ray was strong-minded to win this war as well. Human being should be like her. Problems may come to human being during their way of life but one should not be remain apart from this. Human is for human. After many difficulties Ron White and Margo Rey had been married. So it is a nice pleasure for everyone. Margo Rey proposed to her just weeks earlier her initial analysis.  She think that he is the best husband in the world.

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