Roy Garber
Roy Garber: Shipping Wars Star

Shipping Wars’ fans were shocked of the announcement regarding their idol’s sudden death. Sources revealed that Roy Garber died of a heart attack just before the reality show finished its 5th season.

Roy Garber is one of the stars in the Shipping Wars, a reality TV series that features six independent carriers who transport anything that traditional shippers cannot or will not accept. Roy Garber’s carrier is called The Handyman.

Roy has been considered the star of the show as his carrier won several bids and had beaten tight deadlines set by clients for the delivery. Aside from the usual cargo, the shippers can take in extra load on the way and earn from the transaction. The shows record reveals that Roy is one of its top earners.

Roy Garber
Roy wins a bid.

Messages of condolences from viewers of this TV show and the avid fans of Roy poured in as they mourn the loss of their idol. Fans were allowed to pots messages to Roy Garber’s funeral guestbook and messages flooded in. A family mourned the loss of this person who had been a source of delight for the whole family every time they watch Shipping Wars.

Celebrities as well mourn the loss of this gruff, yet, witty and admirable man. His rival in the show, revealed that off-camera, she and Roy shared a bond and that Roy had taught her a lot.

Roy is a person who loved to do things in his own way. He loves fishing and when scuba diving, he always chose the deepest parts to explore.

Aside from being a star, Roy and his son, Travis, owned and operated a transport business in New Hampshire.

Roy is survived by his only son, his girlfriend for several years, and his cat, Muffy, who had been the subject of his tender love and devotion.

Roy Garber
Roy and his beloved cat Muffy.

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