It is very sad to say that human being is very much cruel over animal. A strong evidence is up to the heading of the news. In a family home, there had been found rotting corpses of eight puppies. And this had been caused for the owner of the pets. He forced the animal to die. It is like the movie of hunter game which theme was kill to survive. Like the same the owner of the pets kept the dogs in to a locked case where the mission was to kill each other. They were taught only to bite nothing else. For this reason the entire pet had been died. For the awful case of animal cruelty Sam Hessin, 39, and her two broods, Damon, 22, and Hazel, 18, were released jail.

The Hessin family barred the eight pets – which were around six months ancient. They were kept into the below room as they were biting each other and did not identify what else to do. The family leftward the faunae. It was about six-months-old to famish to demise in a downstairs room in their home. They were all died. Prosecutor Kevin McCole told that the smell had been almost intolerable. The dog faces numerous inches thick. The place was very dirty with the dogs dead bodies. It is seemed it is not cleaned for the months even if for the years. It was strong the puppies had hurt. They would have been clear they were ill and needed help. It is very cruel that the life of the dog might have been stretched by finishing the other dogs. Some of the neighbor had described that very often they could hear the sound of the dons at night. They were bitten much. Sam Hessin was assumed an Eighteen weeks prison, suspended for 12 months, when she seemed at court previous month.


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