The renowned actor Russell Johnson has passed away in a hospital at the age of 89. The actor was famous for his skills in the 1960s. The best performance of Russell is often considered for Gilligan’s Island.

He was suffering from natural health problems in recent past. His deteriorating health was responsible for the hospitalization. But unfortunately the veteran actor has left the world in Washington.

Russell Johnson made a great impact on Gilligan’s Island. However during 1964 to 1967 he became very popular among the audience. He played the role of Professor Roy Hinkley. Even though he was not a part of the original opening but Bob Denver insisted his name along with Dawn Wells. He was an adorable man and was a great actor. The entire film world has expressed grievance for his demise. He is the second person from the show to die. Earlier in 2005 Bob Denver who played the role of Gilligan died.


His former co actor Dawn Wells who was also a popular actor in the show said she has broken down by the news. The unexpected death of Russell Johnson  has left her broken heart. She also mentioned him as one of her favorite along with Bob Denver. Dawn played the role Mary Ann in the show. She also praised him as a good father when she took her micro blogging site tweeter.

Russell Johnson had married three times in his entire life. He left his third wife and two kids while dying.

Gilligan’s Island which rose to popularity in the 1960s is still treated as one of the unique shows. Almost all the casts of the show have died now with the death of Russell Johnson. Apart from Dawn Wells, Tina Louise is another actor from the show who still lives. Tina played the role of Ginger in the show.

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