It was found by a study that an awfully stinky compound from farts may serve as a protection against cellular damage.  The research was made by the Scientists from the University of Exeter.  They said that a compound which can be extracted from rotten eggs as well as human farts can be essential some day in controlling the cellular damage that is causative of some illness.

The research was recently published in a prominent scientific journal entitled Medicinal Chemistry Communications.  Basically, the study focused on the function of hydrogen sulfide gas on the mitochondria of cells.  Hydrogen sulfide is a gas which is produced by human farts in minute amount during and after the process of digestion.  The gas may be harmful in large amounts however, scientist tried to prove that exposing cells in small doses may prevent cellular damage particularly the mitochondria to occur.  The scope of the research may be beneficial in preventing if not finding the cure of the following conditions: heart ailment, arthritis, strokes, cancer and other diseases.

The experiment was only limited to cellular exposure in the laboratory and thus human subjects smelling scents of rotten eggs and farts was not actually performed.  Nevertheless, researchers from the University of Exeter are working their best to include human subjects who can personally inhale the smell and test the effect on their body.  This proposal is for the advancement and improvement of the said study.

This research on farts is indeed interesting but as a disclaimer, the study is still on its preliminary stage.  There is still no concrete conclusion as of the moment but for the mean time, do not complain when the person next to you give off that weird and awful smell.

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