International carriers at Sea-Tac, 24 August 2012.
The highest minimum wage in America  has been set in the Sea Tac Airport. Sea Tac is an international airport, situated between two cities of Seattle and Tacoma, State of Washington.
Workers of the Sea Tac demanded the government to increase their salary level, because 15% of them live beyond the poverty line. In November officials of Washington State voted:  50, 64 % (3040 votes) voted in favor to increase and 49,36% (2963 votes)voted against it. On the 5th of November the results were promulgated, but still can be challenged. Now the salary of the airport workers is twice bigger than average minimum wage in the United States.
This made all graduates all over the country feel abused, because their hour rate is also $15. They find it very unfair. And say that it is so wrong that people who didn’t finish school will get same salary as people who have got higher education and even finished college. Because their education gives them definite skills that must be paid according to skills and knowledge. While people are arguing about fairness or incorrectness of the situation, politics are afraid that this new law will boost economic of all state and may be even of all country.
Reminding: Workers of the Sea Tac will get $15 per hour and a week of paid sick leave.

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