We all yearn to be happy, that is a fact.  But most of us struggle hard in seeking for the true happiness in our lives.  However, Sam Berns was able to find the secret to happiness despite the impediment he has been suffering ever since birth.  This brave and cheerful 17 years old boy was diagnosed with Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome or simply known as progeria, but that did not hinder him from living a normal life and having a positive outlook in everything.  Progeria is an extremely rare disease with only 150 cases worldwide that causes rapid aging and several complications.   Most of us may get discouraged even with just a minor setback in our day but this young lad who was carrying a heavier burden all throughout his life, decided to move forward and to live life to the fullest

In his talk at TEDx, Sam shared his three philosophies for a happy life.  First off is to be happy of what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you can do.  People usually ask him questions regarding progeria but little did they know that he spends most of his time thinking about other things that does not have to do with progeria at all. What he was trying to say is that there is more to life.  Yes, there are things that is lacking in each of our lives but we should not dwell on it but instead focus on the things that we are passionate about.  Another thing he pointed out was you should surround yourself with people whom you want to be with.  He mentioned that the people he loves provides positive influence in his life as he hopes that he would provide a positive influence in their lives as well.  The good feeling one can have in knowing that someone is supporting him/her supersedes any unpleasant situation.  Lastly, he advised everyone to keep moving forward.  He said that we should have something that makes us focus to know that we have a bright future ahead and help s us get through difficult times my life.

Before he ended up his inspirational speech, he inserted an additional tip to a happy life which is to never miss a party.  Sam Bern indeed has lived a happy life!

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