Have you ever heard about Anthill Art? If not then you have missed out some amazing and cool stuff that can be made out of an Anthill. All you need to have is molten Aluminium for the process. The amazing act can get you excellent show piece or home decorator.

The astonishing art work is revealed on how one can turn an anthill to Home Décor. The only thing you have to do is, pour molten Aluminium in the Anthill. One group has revealed a video to teach how it can be made. The expert gives all minute details of the video, which gives clear perception of making it.

The procedure starts with molten Aluminium which has to be put into the Anthill. The Aluminium will immediately start reacting with the soil and anthill. The chemical reaction will create smoke and it will also propagate the destruction of the anthill partially. One needs to wait for some minutes to let the reaction over.

Once the reaction is over, the main part of anthill has to be taken out very carefully from the soil. It is better to dig the soil, take it from down so, that the anthill does not get broken. Anthill has fragile property, however, molten aluminium feels the vacate place and strengthen the soil.


After you have taken it outside the ground, you can see, that anthill has reformed into something solid. The soil has to be washed away to see the magic of Aluminium. The anthill will turn into a beautiful piece of home décor. The molten Aluminium would strengthen it and it will take the colour of Aluminium. The shape will absolutely random as it depends on the vacant place of the anthill.

You can always try the magic of Aluminium, to get a wonderful Home Décor with your own effort. See the video for better understanding.

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