selena-gomez-extra-interview-e1365480579498-257x173What a great and pleasant news that Selena Gomez had expressed a hidden new on Biber. She had told about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is a famous singer in the world. The actress Selena Gomez told today that ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has an “unreasonably small” penis. Gomez clarified how the tween sex hero is under-equipped for the job during a meeting with E! ‘Entertainment News’ outdoor a charity event in New York. In a conversation with a reporter, the reporter said that Selena was looking very gorgeous and amazing that night. He also told that he staked that was the kind of outfit that would just energy Justin Bieber wild when she was together huh. Selena Gomez replied that it was firm to tell when Justin’s excited because his dick is so little.  Gomez also told that Sometimes, she would try to pledge sex by doing a strip-tease for him. But she couldn’t tell whether he was horny or not. It transformed like 2 millimeters from limp to fully erect. The Entertainment News reporter understood that then she had a chance to make headlines. She decided to goad Gomez into further withering Bieber. The reporter asked how little we were talking about. She replied that it was smaller than an average cucumber size. Gomez also told that she had seen pieces of penne pasta larger than Justin Bieber’s penis. She also thrown a voice for the millions of girls around the world who want to sex with Justin Biber that they are dreaming bad and told that all the ladies, unless they are an Asian midget with a similarly small vagina – Justin Bieber won’t be able to please them. Justin Beiber’s dick is in a weird shape. Its’ shape is like “L” and not straight. She added that this is the exact real.

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